Steve Elliott is a multidisciplinary artist whose work inspects the unparalleled beauty inherent in the world and within ourselves.

Known for his ability to click extraordinary potraits, Steve Elliot is absolutely passionate about his craft. His emphasis on analog approaches allows him to create quality work for both studio and location. He believes that capturing an image is beyond clicking a button; it is a capture of beauty, time, sorrow, or joy. It can be a macro capture that shows the smallest of our world in a significant way; it can be a capture of an animal showing the goofiness of a boxer or the majesty of an elephant. Above all, capturing is a memory that brings joy and uplifts the spirit.

As a multidisciplinary photographer, Steve brings experience, profound passion, and discipline in everything he does.

Like all photography ventures, Steve first started photography as a hobby. But, after a while, he decided to try and make his hobby pay for itself. After interacting with clients, he realized that photography is what he always wanted to do; it is an art that truly inspires him.


About The Company

The Best-In-Class Photography Solutions!

We’re a professional photography service provider serving Nanaimo, British Columbia, devoted to delivering unparalleled photography services utilizing professional cameras and state-of-the-art technology. Our superior-quality industry morals are infused with the latest photography technologies that effortlessly satisfy your needs.

With Steve Elliot Photography, you can expect the best-in-class results. For us, photography is all about capturing a new perspective – it is about looking at the world with minimalistic details. With our approach of observing things, we carry out the most diverse projects effectively and seamlessly.

We deliver all the printed products to you without waiting for a lab to ship. Prints are typically sent in a 16 or even 32-bit raw format or TIFF to a lab. The lab then converts that carefully large bit depth image and converts it to an 8- bit JPEG. We don’t do that. We print the full high-resolution image on quality Canson Infinity or Canon Pro papers. All of our prints have 100 years plus longevity.